The Future of Conservation Strategy (FoCS) project is a public workshop series for funders, researchers,  practitioners, and leaders in the conservation sector. The project will leverage a classic Future Mapping scenario planning approach in order to convene diverse stakeholders within the conservation community. 

Anthros Consulting formed to leverage Future Mapping in convening strategic conversations around the issues of climate change, conservation, agriculture, energy and sustainability. We're undertaking the FoCS project because it's an important conversation.

There are three stages to the FoCS Future Mapping workshop preparation:

  1. Interviewing experts: Anthros has interviewed over 150 experts. If you have been interviewed, you can peruse the other interviewees here. If you haven't been interviewed and would like to, feel free to contact us.
  2. Creating workshop materials: Once we have developed workshop materials, we will provide links to them via this website.
  3. Hosting public workshops: Our schedule of workshops will be posted to this website. Please contact us if you would like to be invited to a particular workshop once the schedule is posted.

Finally, we will be using a blog to provide updates for the Future of Conservation Strategy project. Our first blog post takes look back at the work completed thus far and some of the interesting viewpoints we've heard along the way.