Anthros Consulting combines business strategy experience with software systems solutions, data visualization, and analytics expertise to deliver end-to-end transformations to business processes.

Business strategy

Anthros Consulting uses scenario-based methods to enable organizations to explore divergent futures and produce agile, adaptable strategic plans and implementations. Leveraging our experience in fields such as manufacturing, chemicals, agriculture, energy, and finance allows us to tackle problems related to engineering design, supply chain, operations, financial models, and pricing. The result is the ability to conquer complexity, align an organization, and build strategies that are far-seeing and impactful.

Software and Information Systems

The Anthros team has extensive expertise in business process automation and data-engineering for large and small organizations. Our team has designed custom algorithms to optimize operational challenges ranging from job scheduling and assignment to railway scheduling. Our core knowledge and technology library means your business can quickly reap the benefits of the latest technology to collect and process data, and manage complex, disparate systems.

Data visualization and advanced analytics

We help organizations to drive real-time business decisions based on insights from data visualizations and live dashboards either using known tools (Tableau, Microsoft BI, Excel), or custom solutions. Our bag of tricks includes cutting edge analytical techniques, such as machine learning and evolutionary algorithms, to gain insights in data that is too complex or unwieldy for basic analyses to comprehend.