In the face of uncertainty, it doesn’t work to be given a single answer, nor to create strategy as a siloed function.

At Anthros Consulting, we use scenario-based methods to enable organizations to explore divergent futures and produce agile, adaptable strategic plans. Combined with participatory workshops, we bring thought leaders together in a way that gives them the time and space they’ve always needed (but rarely get) to actually be thought leaders. 

The result is the ability to tackle complexity, align an organization (or network of stakeholders), and build strategies that are far-seeing and disruptive. In short, we enable organizations to build strategy differently.


We work with clients on many aspects of the strategic responses to global environmental change. The difficulty in this topic lies in the inherent uncertainty around what will happen when, and how the threads of environmental, political, social and technological change will weave together to create the actual future.

The types of challenges our methods excel at addressing include:

  • Achieving consensus on strategic direction and vision for an organization or diverse group of stakeholders who have divergent and conflicting views of what is happening and what should be done about it
  • Developing breakthrough strategies in sectors experiencing disruptive change in business models, competitors, markets, ecosystems, political constituencies
  • Redesigning an organizational structure for effective implementation of new strategy or to face new external realities
  • Aligning a group of partners to ensure effective and coordinated collaboration across multiple organizations and leaderless networks
  • Providing a safe context to talk about controversial or taboo topics openly
  • Challenging complacency in an organization that is not sufficiently attuned to coming changes in its market, regulatory regime or competition
  • Developing shared mission, vision and values in a recently formed or reorganized management/execution team

We serve corporations, government, cities, and NGOs/Foundations. To learn more, see Who We Serve.

proof points

We have case studies available which demonstrate the impact of our work that we are happy to share. One publicly available example is our Adirondack Futures work. Contact us to learn more.